J. Barrett

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Post travel blues

I don't exactly know what it is, but I'm exhausted. My muscles ache, my head is foggy. I feel like I've been wiped out.
We were to return last night, at 11:30. We arrived in Miami from San Pedro around 7:15 PM, transferred the checked luggage from the carousel to the baggage moving toward Ohio, walked to the screens, only to find our flight listed as cancelled.
The effect was something like when I ran a marathon in 8 5K loops. As I went, my brain deteriorated, until I couldn't remember the number of laps I had run. When I would return to the starting place, one of the race workers would signal me with the numbers of laps remaining on the race. I always thought I had fewer than the worker did. As I thought I reached the end of the race, the track became longer and longer.
Rather than an hour long layover, we went home with M.'s mother. She was really excited to have us, and it was nice to be taken care of.
On a side note, Miami is a strange place. We went to a Subway there, and there were twelve Mexican guys there, all about 17-25, who were progressing one by one through the line. There was one person on the other side, making sandwiches slowly. After ten minutes or so of standing around in line, another lady came in off her break. M. had to translate my order to her. I don't want to sound like Pat Buchnan, but how is it that you can work at Subway in the US and not have enough working knowledge of the language that you can serve a non-Espanol customer? It's different from Ohio, anyway.
So we arrived back here about 1:00. I'm wiped out, running on some kind of lower level of awareness. It's good to be home.


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