J. Barrett

Friday, February 03, 2006

Life in Honduras

Youll have to excuse the lack of proper punctuation, I{m writing on a Spanish keyboard, and I can{t figure out how to shift to the third command of a key. It makes the ampersand and the apostrophe difficult. My punctuation has been lost in translation. I am in an internet kiosk at the mall here, today is the fifth day I have been in town. (I will eschew contractions for the sake of the punctuation, which is ironic considering I have five minutes remaining, so I should be the soul of brevity. If I go over, I have to pay another 25 Lempira, about $1.25.) Digestion wise, things are good, my stomach troubles pass quickly. There is much less stress during this visit than when I was here during 2003. For one thing, M and I are married, so there is less strain than when we were dating two years ago, and we really were not allowed alone together. Her family is really great. My Spanish is not, but I am attempting more conversations each day. It is giving me the opportunity to listen a lot, to read and to write. I am understanding more Spanish each day, and I try to speak more. They are patient people.


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