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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Internet Kiosk, Round 2

This time, I´ll try not to post the entry eight times. I`m back in the states ni a day and a half, and I think I will be glad to return. You reach a certain point in any vacation, I think, where you start to appreciate all the things in your regular life again. That`s part of the point of any vacation, I think. For weeks leading up to it, it gives your routine some kind of momentum, while you get ready to leave. It makes the dreariness easier, I think. Then, towards the end, you start to appreciate the aspects of your life you take for granted, like privacy, driving your own car, speaking the language of the people you meet, that sort of thing.
One thing I really appreciate about being here is the freedom from small talk. It´s like by my not speaking Spanish fluently, I´m not expected to fill every conversational gap with some witty conversational turn. I get to be alone with my thoughts much more, and it gives me something to write about on my down time.
I do speak some Spanish, what I´ve picked up through sporadic study, through having a wife who is bilingual, and from my previous visit to Honduras. Because I´m soft spoken, and I tend to get the prosody and the inflection wrong, usually it´s best when M. is nearby to repeat whatever I´ve said in a way that´s comprehensible. I have carried on a few conversations, and I understand more each day. They all would like for me to learn Spanish, and I would like to, as well.
I`m told that if I were to spend three months here, I could get a pretty good handle on the language. It would be difficult, because there aren´t many positions that would allow me a three month sabbatical. If I were in grad school, maybe I could.


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